Imaging and Data Visualisation Reflection

Towards the start of this module, I found it very interesting and was excited to learn and expand new skills on MAYA. Starting with simple modelling of the Buoys from the front of university, I thought this was simple and easy to grasp as it was something we had already learnt. It was great to finally start paying more attention to texturing and colour in MAYA and applying this tour models.

As the classes went on, the topic became more difficult and I felt that I was struggling to keep up with the new ways of working that we were being introduced to. However, it helped a lot that we were in groups with the floating city project as it was a chance to pick up habits and new techniques from other classmates. Speaking to other people and groups in the class also helped with this.

I found it quite hard to try and focus on what was going on from watching and listening to tutorials on the projector but a lot easier when it was demonstrated on mac computer in class to a smaller group of 3-4 people. I found that it was being talked about promptly, this didn’t allow me time to focus on what was being demonstrated and taking notes at the same time. Because MAYA is so complex, it’s hard to keep up with the tools being used.

I feel like my skills need to be developed and improved further to rise to the level where other classmates are at; some of them have incredible knowledge of MAYA. I recognise that this comes with a lot of practice and working with the programme to gain a greater understanding of the project needing complete and the tools that are appropriate for the task.