Character Design – 02


Quick digital turn around of how I imagine the character to look.

She is able to grow vines when needs be to assist her in climbing and moving around as she is only a foot tall. Snacking on small insects she’ll need this ability to be able to catch her food. Another characteristic which will help her with this task is the flower on the top of her head. It can close and open when desired and also with its own intuition. It can close when she needs to be smaller but also if an insect lands on the flower; it will close and trap the insect. she’s got 2 arms and 2 legs like a human which allows her to move around. Small and petite to be capable of squeezing or passing through small openings. The flower will also close to accommodate for this.

Since she is made purely from vines, she is able to bend and squash and also unravel and stretch up if needs be.


Character Design – 01

When we first got this project, I decided immediately that I wanted to do something relating to nature. I have always loved looking at the different colour and shapes of plants and flowers so I was interested in going down that line. From A Level work, I remembered that there was some flowers that looked like little people which I used to love painting. There are probably many flowers that resemble humans or animals but the one that stood out the most to me was the Orchid and its different forms. It’s hard to imagine so I’ll leave some examples below! Naked Man Orchid, Angel Orchid & Monkey Orchid.

Since I wanted to do something small and petite and the first character that I thought of for inspiration was Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. I was thinking more along the lines of baby Groot from the end of the first film and then he was also in the GoTG2. I was intrigued from his small form and characteristics such as the vines that he is able to grow on cue. I realise that he is supposed to be a tree, however, if I was to redesign him I would make him more flower like and more colourful – just my preference!

I liked him so I started to sketch out a few different designs for my own character. I wanted it to have vines like Groot’s body but with a flower at the top of its head to make it more colourful and more to my style.

FullSizeRender 14
Character Design Sketches/Paintings

Next was coming up with a name for my character. If I could’ve called it Groot I would because it’s cute…although I didn’t. Gerbera belongs to the daisy family and the name is as simple as that. The colours I chose because they contrast and stand out. I wanted to keep it natural looking so went for a green body and red because its the opposite of green and the colours compliment each other.

I also had a look at some facial expressions with the eyes and mouth. I love Groot’s big eyes and simple mouth so thats what I went for.


Naked Man OrchidAngel OrchidMonkey OrchidFlower Name/MeaningBaby Groot Images