Head Modelling

I took photographs of Jess to model for the head topology assignment. I took photos of front, left, right and front right angles to give me a better view of her facial features and shape of her head. When modelling I stuck to the basics; I did not model any hairs on the face or head. Maybe with more experimentation I would be able to do this.

To complete the assignment, I used the programme Mudbox 2017, switching between the different tools.

I started with the basic head model that was given on Mudbox and began to construct the nose. Using the sculpt tool, I stretched out the sides of the nostrils to copy the shape of Jess’. Pressing ctrl allowed me to invert the tool, which is how I created the nostrils and other indents in the skin before using the smooth tool to give a more natural skin-like finish. I found this was quite simple at the start until I started with the other features. I also experimented with the grab, pinch and flatten tools as well as the knife tool but mainly focused on the others.

I found that I completed the face features in order from easy to difficult; nose, mouth, eyes. By the time I got round to the ears, I had got the hang of the tools and the hotkeys which made it less complex.

I thought when sculpting the lips, the small space in between the top and bottom lips was the hardest to create. I couldn’t get the tool size small enough to create the small line so I had to smooth over the rough sculpt and use the grab tool to move sections of the lips and bring them together to give it a realistic look. Same goes for the eyes. It was difficult to get the crevice between the eyeball and eyelids small enough to look natural.

If I was to re-do this head model, I would spend more time familiarising myself with the tools so that I would be able to expand the use of the tools, and other settings, while modelling rather than sticking to 5/6.

Below are images of the model and the sculpture from the same 4 angles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Used this tutorial to help me get the hang of some of the tools in Mudbox before using it myself:


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