Character Design – 02


Quick digital turn around of how I imagine the character to look.

She is able to grow vines when needs be to assist her in climbing and moving around as she is only a foot tall. Snacking on small insects she’ll need this ability to be able to catch her food. Another characteristic which will help her with this task is the flower on the top of her head. It can close and open when desired and also with its own intuition. It can close when she needs to be smaller but also if an insect lands on the flower; it will close and trap the insect. she’s got 2 arms and 2 legs like a human which allows her to move around. Small and petite to be capable of squeezing or passing through small openings. The flower will also close to accommodate for this.

Since she is made purely from vines, she is able to bend and squash and also unravel and stretch up if needs be.


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