Modelling and Rigging

Modelling was taking place by team members while I was taking control of fixing and finalising the animatics. As we ended up having to recreate 3 due to different criticism, this took a lot longer than expected and we had this on top of experimenting with modelling before we could start to properly put the scene together. Different objects had been modelled quick which we needed up using due to not having as much time as we would like, such as the welly boot, some simple low poly trees, basic apple, apple core experiment model. Jess created some experimental worm and orchard models and Rachael worked really hard modelling majority of the scene which I was grateful for whilst completing the animatics.

When it came to rigging, we only had to rig the worm and the welly boot. The welly was just rigged to kick forwards with one control which you can see clearly from the link:

Welly Boot Rig Video

The worm was the most difficult and we had to ask Alec for help as there was so many controls we wanted – The eyeballs, eyelids, mouth, tongue, neck, mid-body, tail and tail rotation. Alec was a great help and we ended up wth exactly what we wanted.

Worm Joints Rig Video

Worm Face Rig Video

The expressions on the worm were very important in our story as they play a majority of the worms emotions and how he reacts to certain actions and events. Simple movements such as the eyelids widening and closing to show blinking and emotions such as excitement and shock when he sees the apples.


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