Animatics: 1st, 2nd and Final!

So we had a few changes within our story throughout and there was a lot of indecisiveness. We first decided that we wanted one apple to drop in front of the worms face and then Darcy gave us the idea that the apple core could hit the tree and then multiple apples drop. We eventually settled on this idea as it seemed more natural but also gave a bit of exaggeration and excitement in the end of the storyline.

Before this happened, Jess had created an animatic which we took criticism from and changed up slightly. We had to change up the background, use more tone, reassess the timing of the frames and also create a scene from birds eye view so that we could easily tell the story in a way that became understandable to the audience. E.g. direction of worm movement and apple core being kicked.

Jess’ animatic:

After this I decided to create one based on the criticism we had been given from the class: My second animatic attempt

In this animatic, the camera was lost within the shots. There was too many up close shots and again it was hard to tell what was going on in the clip. We also got advice to change some of our sounds as they were already quite popular such as the sound for when the worm is trying to make it to the apple core. So we changed those slightly as you can see in the final animatic:

I tried to keep it as simple as possible compared to the second one as there was a lot of detail which resulted in the incapacity of trying to differentiate each object in the picture.

Mike helped us with the shots of where the camera should be to help the visual story read clearer. He gave us the most important shots and we added a couple of our own demonstrating the key details of the story.

This was a real help with the final animatic as it finally gave us the best perception of how we wanted each frame/scene to look in the final animation.


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