Floating City: Lighting

Staying late in uni Clare and I wanted to look at finish texturing the scene and get the lighting completed.Whilst Clare looked at texturing the models and getting the images into the correct folders etc. I looked at lighting.

Before moving into the scene, I experimented with lighting by creating a shape that would also produce shadows and added different types of lights, experimenting with colour and temperature.

Light Render Without Colour
Light Render With Colour

So for each of these, I kept the shape the same. I experimented with skydive, spotlight and area light. I preferred the area light as I thought this gave the most natural glow on the shape and a fading fall off. I first added a warm and cool light to see how the shape took to the light and also provided shadows. I did this by changing the colour temperature and also the intensity of each light so it wasn’t too harsh. I then added colour to see the difference between a cool grey and a warm red colour. I decided this was the light source I was going to use in the scene.

When it came to adding lights to the scene, I thought it looked better for some parts to be highlighted, rather than he whole scene be lit. I of course added a skydive so everything else was not in darkness but lowered the intensity and exposure so it was a dull warm light effect. I then added 5 area lights in the main scene; one on the arch, one behind the arch, one under the collapsed temple and 2 to highlight Vesuvius. We wanted the scene to be warmly lit so I had the colour temperature slightly more towards an orange which worked perfectly.


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