Floating City: Camera, Music, Challenges & Improvements

With the camera, we wanted to have 2 camera movements; one going through the scene and the other to rotate around Vesuvius whilst statistics are presented. Clare stayed late and got the camera done. It was as easy as moving it around and key framing it to position it where we had planned. Below is the final floating city render.

I’m really pleased with how the camera shots turned out and also the whole project in general. I feel as though as a group we took a very different approach to others. We had the camera go through the scene of Pompeii and show the damage rather than just showing the city from the outside. We wanted to invoke emotion; a sadness and an eeriness whilst watching the short clip. I feel as though we did a great job in making the city very dull and creepy but also I think the music we used really benefitted us. Clare’s sister studies music technology and we got her to make a short music instrumental to suit the suspense we were trying to create.

We really struggled trying to set the project correctly and add all the images into the correct project folder. Multiple times when exiting the file and reopening it, majority of the textures had completely disappeared. This happened countless times which got really frustrating and it was extremely time consuming to keep reapplying textures to have the disappear over and over. Clare and I had kept redoing this before we had to call on the second years for help! They basically reset the project because we had it saved inside a project which was inside a project, like project inception!!! Then they also told us to make sure that all images used for textures went into the source images folder. Once we done that it worked fine, although getting there seemed to take forever.

I feel as though if we had more time to finish/fix up the project, I would have liked to included fogginess around the ground and in the air to portray that the eruption we were showing had just happened. Without the fog, I feel as though it doesn’t really give a clear visual that the eruption had just happened. Also, as much as I like the camera shots, I think we could have rotated it more to show around the scene better than just moving in a straight line.


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