30 Sec Animation: Storyboards and Animatic

For this, I created the storyboards to work from with the animatic.


I tried to include different camera shots, close ups and long shots to show size comparison etc. From the feedback given, I realise that I need to work on proportions between the apples, worm , foot and tree. I need to emphasise whats big and small and make sure there is a visual difference. Also, I think that anticipation within the movements of the worm and the foot could be included to emphasise the actions more. Possibly a bounce of the apple? Once we look at the principles of animation, I’ll hopefully be able to interpret this into the storyboard/final animation.

The link to our animatic: The Apple

Jess digitally sketched the scenes out and Rachael chose the music and put the whole thing together. After watching it, I think we need to focus on tonality and where our light source is coming from, developing on the background so it’s not constant the whole way through and also timing of the scenes. Some of the images last a little too long and it doesn’t look right, it drags out.


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