30 Sec Animation: Pitch and Concepts

So we started by coming up with a few ideas that we could talk about to get feedback off each idea and see which would be best… to realise it was actually a presentation/pitch. We had the idea of a worm trying to get to a rotten apple core, it being kicked away and a fresh apple landing right infant of him. We liked the idea of a worm because we knew this would be easy to create in MAYA, a long with an apple, tree, grass and a foot. We tried to keep it as simple as possible. We were told that we had to give a visual display of our story or feedback on whether to continue was almost impossible.

So in the week following, we created concept sketches and models and also did some research. We originally used the Disney Pixar short ‘The Early Hatchling Gets The Worm‘. We used this and then found a couple of others after thinking of the story that we thought would be great to use for reference of how to make the worm move in MAYA: Robby and A Worm’s Tale. Both of these have different stories but also both show different movements that may be helpful to look at when trying to add movement to our worm.

FullSizeRender 9
Concepts of Main Scenes. In order: top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right

Just created these quickly with watercolours and watercolour pencils to demonstrate the main scenes and characters in the story. Other group members did some concepts as well.

I also went onto MAYA and tried to model a rotten apple core.

I tried to add some shading on different faces but just ended up looking square. So I need to look at how to blend the darker shades into the lighter. I also need to make it look a bit more rotting by making the shape a little less even and crisp looking. Arnold also wouldn’t let me render view, so I need to figure that one out!



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