Floating City: Textures!

So finally I had to add a texture to my models of the human and the path. We decided that it would be best if these were both kept the same as we wanted them both to look as though they had been covered with ash, so were a similar colour/texture. I used an image of a concrete/rock texture.


Grey Rock Texture

This image went well and made the appearance of my models seem so realistic. I did this by assigning a new material as lambert and then changing to colour to a file and adding in the texture image.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 17.06.47
Stone Body Render with Texture

As you can see, the textured image covers up the joints well and these bumps give it a more realistic look as the actual bodies were lumpy looking. We ended up lowering the head a little to make the pose of the body look more natural.

For the path, I added the textured image to the stones and the plane. However, this made it look too tacky, as if it wasn’t how it was supposed to look. I ended up playing around with it and took away the texture from the plane so that the stones were the only thing left with the texture. This made it stand out more and it also looked as though the stones were on a plain dusty pathway – exactly how we imagined it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 17.04.33
Path Render with Texture

It is clear that the stones are textured and the plane is not. This not only makes the stones stand out but it makes the applied texture more readable. I found that the image looks slightly different and less harsh once applied and rendered with a skydome light and a warm temperature setting.

References: Grey Rock Texture


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