Floating City: Modelling Pt. 2

So the next thing I looked at modelling was the people of Pompeii that had been covered in the ash of Vesuvius. All images of the people just looked very similar, they all looked like rock statues with minimal detail apart from the position of the body.

Pompeii People

The image shows a family that had been covered in ash by Vesuvius. As you can see there in final detail and the main part that can be seen is the position of the body, so this is what I focused on when I started to model this. I used spheres to stretch into the appropriate shape and join together by grouping. Once this was done I then used the sculpting tools to make the body look more realistic and put together rather than just set in place.

In my model, here you can see the some of the joints were the shapes were put together. I tried to blend them together as much as possible with the sculpt tool, however, I realised that this would probably look more real being quite rough once a texture was added.

References: Pompeii People


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