Floating City: Model Experimenting

Once I was done playing around and creating the path and the person, I tried to experiment with building and different textures within bricks and how they would look. We ended up not using these, however, it was beneficial as we realised how we actually wanted the buildings to look after.

MAYA Model of Hut and Textures

With this I tried to build a hut type building with individual bricks that had the same texture. However, this did not work due to looking to crisp and slightly unnatural as all the bricks looked exactly the same. I then tried to create the roof of the hut. I wanted this to look as though it was ruined and had caved in. To do this I just used a polyplane and modelled by pulling the vertices out of place and deleting different faces.

I also experimented a little with some textures, however I found that these were way too harsh and we needed to use textures that were more similar.



Texture 1 Texture 2 Texture 3 Texture 4


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