Floating City Concept

Our idea was to have an entry/walkway into the city through an archway. The city has been destroyed meaning that the walk way would show rubble and different artefacts and objects covered in ash and ruined from the eruption. We have planned the concept of the city to be showing the day that vesuvius erupted, not long after the city was covered in ash and destroyed. After a short journey through the city that shows different objects that relate to Pompeii, the volcano (Vesuvius) will slowly appear. The camera will then approach Vesuvius and make it’s way round the circumference whilst presenting the statistics.

We agree the camera should start low to the ground to emphasise Vesuvius’ size before making it’s way up to the top. We also want to try and create the effect of dustiness around the ground and ash in the air as if it’s just after the eruption. Smoke coming from the top of the volcano would make this look even more realistic along with the textures that will be used. These will be mainly to do with dirt, gravel and old brick but these can be researched further later.


Above are some storyboards that I created based on how we want the floating city to look. Not overly detailed but we hope to have something similar in 3D created in MAYA.


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