Leprechaun Storyboards

We discussed today the storyboards we had created and thought more about how the story was structured. We realised that we needed to include more magic to back up the leprechaun stereotype – green, magic, gold, grants wishes, trickster?

We had some ideas of recreating the King and his family as fairies possibly as we found out that Leprechauns are supposed deformed fairies. This would make sense in saying that the King is still his brother but used and made fun of him because of the deformity. Or a possibility of Jack having a pot of gold that the King had possession of before some guards found it, when Jack realises he approaches them and fulfils their wish to be off work, the guards leave and give Jack his gold before he escapes.

Jack’s Escape – Before Discussing Issues

These are the few storyboards I came up with of Jack escaping, which is a pretty standard escape. I realised there is nothin got explain that he is a Leprechaun or how he escapes apart from climbing over a wall. Some ideas to think about:

  1. Is Jack carrying the pot of gold?
  2. How does he escape – before/after the wall jump?
  3. Show that he is in a walled prison – hard to escape.
  4. Where are the guards?
  5. Day/night time?
  6. How would he approach the wall since he is a leprechaun? (he is short/is the wall tall?)
  7. A modern scene, think about surroundings – castle, landscape etc.

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