Artefact: Explosion Concept

We had the idea of creating an explosion smoke cloud to have the brain rest on. The idea developed from the research into the Vietnam War. They use napalm for explosions in the war and the explosions that this made from hitting the ground looked like a mushroom cloud explosion almost. Obviously the whole film was based on the Vietnam War and the effects this had physically and mentally on people and villages, so this concept related.

We looked at how the napalm explosions looked and tried to remodel this with clay, using polystyrene and metal rods to hold the structure.

These are images of the clay model of the smoke cloud, we googled some images for references whilst making this to try and keep the shape. The Smoke cloud held the brain perfectly and it looked like it was going to work well until it was painted.

Painted Smoke Cloud and Brain

Unfortunately, the smoke cloud doesn’t look how we wanted it to when painted. We don’t even know what it really looks like. We asked a few people in the class and they agreed that it made less sense when presented together because they didn’t understand the smoke cloud until it was explained. We decided that we would show both but explain how this part didn’t work out like we had hoped for.

I think that we could have planned it better and maybe would have got a better idea of how it would look. Maybe if we had a better plan, drawings on paper etc we would have realised how this would end up looking. Currently we are working on the presentation and will explain both parts of the artefact as well as other details such as the movie and the resemblance of it all.


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