Artefact: Planning

So to create our artefact, we needed to use a reference. We looked at the brain and explosions to understand the idea of the shape we were trying to create. Firstly, we looked at the brain and the different segments so when modelling this we would understand how the different shapes came together.


Brain Reference

We figured out that the brain was somewhat similar on each half (left and right) but not identical. We tried to recreate this a realistic as possible because we wanted our brain to be as real looking as possible. Leanna created an intreating model in Z-Brush which we also used as reference whilst creating this and Yazz modelled miniature sculptures from polymer clay and plasticine before we started the actual artefact.

We also looked at an explosion reference:


Explosion Reference

We wanted the brain to eventually be able to sit on top of the explosion, like a stand, once they were both complete so we agreed that this type of explosion worked best.

Artefact Sketch

This was a quick sketch of mine to demonstrate an idea of how the final artefact would look.

We had planned to have 3 layer of clay put over a newspaper base. This is a sketch demonstrating the different layers. The first and second layer would be put in place to give the most solid support for the 3rd textured layer. It would also hold everything together and make it easier to add the muscle shapes.

Layer Planning Sketch




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