Artefact: Brain

Starting with a brain-shaped newspaper ball (below) we covered it bit by bit in segments of clay and joined these as we went along. This method turned out to give us problems as joining the segments together left lumps and bumps across the surface and we also had to worry about it cracking once it dried. The second layer, we decided to just use one massive rolled out piece of clay and then trim off what we didn’t need. This worked well and smoothed out the surface. Luckily, we didn’t have to worry too much about the uneven surface as we were adding another chunky, textured layer which would cover this, as long as the initial shape was correct.

Newspaper Base

Once the second layer was down, we started rolling out sausage-like shapes in the clay. We thought this was the best way to create the realistic muscly shape of the brain’s outer surface. So we applied these to the second layer by grazing the surface of each piece in hope that it wouldn’t fall off once dry. We applied and smoothed over until it was how we wanted it to look. We also created a slit down the middle of the brain to make each side, left and right, appear almost separated like a normal brain.

Day One Brain Model

This was the final outcome from day one. We had previously wanted the brain to look as though it was exploding so we added this in. We though the best thing to use to create the most realistic skin was chewing gum, this was added the following day after the brain was left to sit overnight and dry out a little.

Brain Model With Gum

We still need to paint the brain to make it more realistic, this is what it looks like so far.


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