Storyboards Narrative

After class on Tuesday 14, we agreed that we would each come up with a story plot for the Leprechaun character that we created in class. The story I created was based a lot around old Irish mythology. The Leprechaun is called Claude and he basically makes a journey through in wanting to swap his humour and whilst doing so he meets influences along the way. He then realises that this is not what he wants after it has happened and then within the second half of the journey, he has a moment of realisation and is trying to get back to how he used to be.

As I was unable to make the last group meet up, I sent in what I had created. I’ll link it here:¬†leprechaun_narrative

After reading this, the group came up with a narrative that has the Leprechaun go through a similar journey, using my narrative as the skeleton of this one.

You can read the in depth explanation of the new narrative in Clare’s blog:

Clare McKinney

The Leprechaun in this story is called Jack. It starts the same as mine where Jack is enslaved as an entertainer by the King. In a world where humans are the mythical creatures, he then escapes and meets a couple of different characters along the way. As he gets fed up with his humour, he swaps this but then son realises this is not what he truly wants. The return to the ordinary world is about him trying to regain his humour with a major plot twist of him realising he’s the true heir to the kingdom. The similarities are there but with some major and minor changes!


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