Artefact Idea???

Last week our schematic/artefact group (Leanna, Yazz, James and I) had came up with a pretty awesome idea for the artefact to suit our assigned movie; Apocalypse Now.

We had different ideas to start with and we basically mashed them all together. The idea of a bomb shell, helicopter, ruined brain etc. Lots of different ones. We thought most of these were pretty unoriginal and basic objects taken straight from the film. We talked more about it and thought of the idea of having a brain that had ben destroyed due to psychotic emotions, which were heavily involved in the film. Possibly made out of clay and filled with different items, colourful and dull to make it look both realistic and unrealistic. Possibly displayed on a bed of wooden planks or hanging if it wasn’t too heavy since it was made of clay?

The most important thing now is to do some research into this and mental illnesses and which part of the brain they effect so we know better. Also to sketch up some concepts and make a list of materials that are a possibility of using so that we can start to plan quickly and get making!


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