Schematic/Apocalypse Now

I wasn’t completely familiar on the term schematic which lead me to try and do some research to make sure I understood the task that had be assigned. At first I found it quite difficult to actually find schematics for movies, not sure what I was doing wrong. From other’s discussing it in class, I figured it was a diagram that connected the events and characters and how we were introduced to each. I just wasn’t sure how this was laid out. However, I ended up finding the schematic for the Godfather by Phil Campbell and had a look at it.


Phil Campbell Website

This basically shows the main events in The Godfather and which characters were present at each event in the movie. On the left side it’s the family and on the right friends, enemies and traitors. This is a simple way to keep the characters separate so that if someone wanted to quickly find a character the knew which side to look at. Probably more helpful if the schematic was more complex..

Our assigned movie is Apocalypse Now. It’s not something I would usually be interested in so I actually found the film very hard to watch. It’s about war and a lot of it is narrated. It also dragged out for quite some time (2.5 hours), an hour longer than most. But I watched and took some notes on the main events and characters within these events so that we could start the schematic without hassle. If any of our team members got something wrong, we had another 3 people who had done the same thing to keep each other right. It was quite a confusing movie with a lot of characters and since it went on for 2.5 hours, there was a large number of events also.

We’ve made a start on the schematic using Prezi although we found this was difficult to do as we went a long, so we’re planning on getting the schematic draw by hand before starting to create it in digital format.



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