Vogler Presentation

So I wanted to just explain what I discussed in the presentation, meaning the parts/facts that I found most interesting in my research.

We, of course, started off by simply explaining what we had understood the shadow archetype to be from reading The Writer’s Journey. This was that the shadow was usually the bad guy/villain in the story; using Voldemort from Harry Potter as an example. Then we explained that the shadow can be born from projections of the Protagonist/Hero’s deep emotions that they do not show to anyone or even dislikes, and this could be something the hero dislikes about themselves. We also showed that the Hero and Shadow can have something in common, again, by using Voldemort and Harry Potter as an example; both shared Dumbledore as their teacher.

Once we explained the basics we showed the little short animations that we created to demonstrate and simplify slightly the knowledge we were giving our audience. These didn’t take too long to make at all, maybe 10/15 mins per video. We just thought this would be easier as some of the information was a little complex! So, first of all we showed what a bad shadow archetype would look like:

We then discussed Joslyn Robinson’s opinion on shadow archetypes, she has a BA in transpersonal psychology. She stated that a shadow can be “a force, concept, construct that can exist external, internal, universal and individual wishing the human psyche.” Also explained that when she used the term Jungian theory, we researched this which ended up being a theory that was named after Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst that studied the conscious and unconscious of the human psyche. We then gave a suggestion that maybe because Carl was an only child, this lead to the observation of adults which could have influenced his career. Or maybe it could have been his mother? She suffered from a mental illness and spent some time in a mental hospital. Again, we went on to talk about the shadow archetype directly, stating that it does not have to be bad, like most of the book stated, it can be a good archetype. Id the conscious confronts the unconscious, it can become aware and have power over the darkness. Trying to explain that was probably a bit confusing to others, so we decided to make another short animation showing a good shadow archetype:

We also gave ANOTHER Harry Potter example of Harry applying what Dumbledore taught him with good intentions and Voldemort applying it for evil.

We also used the following images to go along with what was being said throughout:

Image referencing:

https://sites.psu.edu/moviesgalore/2015/03/ (Accessed 06.02.17)

https://risetoshinetoday.org/carl-jung-1875-1961/ (Accessed 06.02.17)

http://jungcurrents.com/emilie-preiswert (Accessed 06.02.17)


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