Presentation Progress: The Writer’s Journey

During group meet up we decided that we wanted to portray the characters of the archetypes through short animation demonstrations. We tried to come up with short scenarios using the whiteboard in uni and had a few random ideas down to work from.

Brainstorming Scenarios


So we had the idea of someone needing the bathroom and included the four archetypes in someway and also a ‘L.O.T.R. spin off’ with a giant snail leading the way and everyone slipping behind on the slime. This was probably the most useless brainstorm, however, what we did take from it was each other’s perception of the archetypes and different ways to include them.

Four archetypes and four group members so, of course, after researching the chapters individually, we took an archetype each. I got landed with the shadow to which I was pleased. I find this one the most interesting because it can have real deep meanings and there is a lot to discuss.

I started searching about Carl Jung and Jungian Theory more to find out about the shadow and his perception. I also found a bit of background info on Carl which may have lead to his interest in psychoanalysis and the unconscious. Turns out he was an only child, leading to loneliness and observation of adults rather than distraction himself with other kids. Or that his mother had a mental illness and spent some time in a psychiatric hospital. It may or may not relate back but it’s pretty interesting, deep stuff!


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