3D Artist Research: Environment/Prop

I started looking at Clinton Crumpler a 3D prop/environment artist. He’s probably pretty popular although I’ve never played Gear of Wars before (which he is currently working on and possibly renown for) so this was my first time seeing this work. He currently works in Vancouver, Canada at Microsoft Studios. It seems as though he mainly works on games, specialising in ‘environment art’ and ‘shader development’ as stated on his website.

I did only think a prop/environment artist created exactly that without specialising in anything such as textures and minor details or even colour. I assumed these type of artists solely lay down the basics of the details and texture and detail would be added in afterwards by a different person.

His work for Gear of Wars is INSANE. It’s so realistic, so dramatic and so colour accurate. You can see the progression he’s made from his earlier projects to the most recent in terms of the detailing in his work. The textures are what caught my eye the most when looking from then to now.

He takes different types of photos (will link his Flickr) to source as inspiration. Recent photos on his Flickr show the focus on texture development.



While looking at Crumpler’s twitter, I found Sebastian Schulz another environment artist who focuses more on environment than anything else. He models really life like backgrounds; colour, items etc. are all so realistic. His work differs from Crumpler’s as his work, again, would show more realism and Crumpler’s is extremely detailed but also slightly extreme and unrealistic.

Some stunning scenes by Schulz on his website:



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