Walt Peregoy: A Deeper Look

(A couple of days later due to a busy week)

After preparing the presentation and agreeing on a layout, we each allocated ourselves a part in the presentation to look at in more depth. I’m getting to talk about a number of different stages of Walt’s life throughout six slides. Sword in the Stone, Steel and America, The Jungle Book, Scooby Doo: Where Are You? and Scooby’s Laff-A-Lympics and also the design of Disney’s Epcot Centre and attractions in florida. Couldn’t be more happy to talk about these topics as I find them the most interesting, personally.

Disney’s 1963 film Sword in the Stone is the first of Walt’s Disney projects that I’m explaining. For this he painted different scenes to set the scene as such. He experimented in this painting and others similar with shapes and colours, although in all the colours are very much similar.


Sword in the Stone Slide

The next that I will be talking about is Steel in America. This was also a Disney film released in 1965. Walt created the background concepts for this movie.


Steel and America (top and middle) The Jungle Book (bottom)

In this slide I will then introduce Disney’s The Jungle Book and state which year it was released (1967).

I’ll thirdly talk about The Jungle Book in two parts/over two slides. He started creating background concepts for this film but then Disney explained how he’d prefer a more airy, lighter, painterly style of working and Peregoy disagreed. He then proceeded to leave the Disney studio in a huff. He certainly wasn’t ashamed or shy of expressing his opinion – which Disney admired.

The Jungle Book – Slide One

Over the second slide on The Jungle Book I will explain how Walt was replaced by Al Dempster, another background department stylist. All work Walt created for The Jungle Book where only concepts. I want to say how much I loved his work and was inspired by it die to the fact I didn’t quite get the hang of the colour week and how light changes the colour of the surface of objects.

The Jungle Book – Slide Two

The fifth slide of my part, I will talk about how Walt spent a brief period of time at Format Films before moving on to Hanna Barbera where he spent 5 years stylising and supervising different backgrounds. He stylised backgrounds for Scooby Doo: Where Are You? and Scooby’s Laff-A-Lympics.

Scooby Doo slide. Paintings taken from Scooby Doo: Where Are You?

The final topic I will talk about was Walt’s return to Disney in the late 70s (1977) where he helped design the Epcot Centre in Florida. He worked on attractions such as The Land Pavilion and Journey Into Imagination. To develop his ideas he designed concepts, murals, architecture and sculptures.

Walt’s Epcot Designs

I found that the best way to organise the information for the presentation was to summarise it all into bullet points and write out cue cards to keep me right in what I’m saying throughout. Im confident that I have got many key facts about each topic and I can expand a little when speaking as long as I stick to the time limit!


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