MAYA: Furniture

On Monday 28th, we had a tutorial on how to add edge loops, smooth objects etc. We had to create a piece of furniture showing 6.5 cubes for human scale for Tuesday so I decided to try and create my fireplace – again, more difficult than I thought. I used a cube and scaled it up then selected faces and pulled them back slightly to make an indent. I extruded the bottom slightly and pulled it out to create the hearth and shelf at the top of the fireplace. I pulled out a couple of the edges from the indent shape to make it look like a section in which the fire will go. I tried to add the edge loops and make the edges more rounded but for some reason I couldn’t figure out how to add them correctly and when I rounded the fireplace by pressing 3, it ended up looking like a foreign object! The finished fireplace also has half a hollow shelf, which I don’t know how to fix so a bit of research on MAYA and trial and error will hopefully teach me how to.

I also played around with a couple of cylinders to create some vases, one existent in my home and one not. I just wanted to mess around with the edges and formation of the shape to see what I could come up with. Adding edge loops I was able to pull in and out the edges and vertices to create different shapes. I tried to use this task as an experimental one, to try out different tools on MAYA and figure out better how to use them and how they worked.

Fireplace, vases and human scale

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