MAYA: Bed, Pillows, Sheet

On Tuesday, the class basically just had free time to do work and experiment in-between Yuan’s tutorials. So we visited the second years in their classroom to see what they had been up to. I spoke to a couple of the girls about my blog, essay and work on MAYA. I seen a girl had created a bed on MAYA and thought it looked really cool so I wanted to try it myself. I used cubes to create the headboard, mattress, bed frame and pillows. After experimenting an figuring out better how to use the tools from the tutorial on Monday, I was able to get rounded edges to give the bed a more realistic look. I added some edge loops close to the edge so that whenever I pressed ‘3’ on the keyboard, it gave the headboard, frame and mattress a slightly bevelled edge – not too much but just enough. I then added in the pillows which I just hit ‘3’ to make them rounder and more real. I created a hierarchy so that every object included in the bed moved altogether under the command of the bed frame. (Everything was a parent to the bed frame).

I created a bed sheet from a polygon plane. I wanted this to wrap around the bed naturally so it looked like it was draped over the mattress. I had no idea how to do this so I used YouTube and it gave me a great tutorial on how to get this effect.

YouTube MAYA Tutorial

After creating the plane, I clicked on ‘PolyPlane1’ in the menu on the right hand side and increased the height and weight divisions to 25 and placed the plane directly above the bed. I then changed the menu from ‘Modelling’ to ‘FX’ and made sure I had selected the plane. I hit nCloth > create nCloth. Then went to Fields/Solvers > Gravity. I assume this allowed the plane to turn into a cloth and fall as if there was gravity. I had to then select the bed frame hierarchy and nCloth > Create Passive Collider and again I only assume this meant the bed was the object the plane would fall onto. Once completed, I pressed play and the sheet fell onto the bed, but then slid right off.. So I had to pause it at the position I wanted the sheet to be in. And wallah, we have a sheet draped over a mattress. Improvement is always needed but pretty happy with the outcome!!


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