MAYA – Bouncing a Ball

After missing creative elements (21.11.16), Jess helped me catch up on notes from class and do the bouncing a ball project on MAYA. I has tried to use other people’s notes and it didn’t work out but once she showed me how to, it turned out a bit easier than expected. I also tried to use tutorials on YouTube but everyone works on MAYA in different ways so it would never end up being the same as the task we were given. After a couple of tries, I finally got the ball to look like it was realistic instead of it edging towards having a personality. The part I had most trouble with was probably the ‘Graph Editor’ because after breaking the tangents it was just trying to figure out which positioning to get the Y axis on the graph.

Below is the second attempt, I wanted it to roll slightly at the end instead of just stopping dead to give a sense of reality.


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