Character Design for Animatic

So whilst Alistair and Rose were designing the background and mural, I had the task of designing the character scenes as well as the drip forming and falling. In total that came to 30 frames.

Outsider turning scene – 8 frames in total

Drip scene – 9 frames in total

Outsider leaving scene – 13 frames in total

I’ve just inserted a couple of frames from each. The colour scheme that we wanted to go for was tonal white/grey/black as we wanted to try focus on making the object/character look more animated so we didn’t worry about colour that much.

I worked on these using my graphics tab and photoshop, which I hadn’t used before so getting used to photoshop was quite hard. When moving from frame to frame I copy and pasted the character to make sure that it was around the same size and the movements were subtle but obvious. For the drip, I just duplicated the spikes for each frame and drew on the drip different each time.


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