Seven Sins World – Planet Architecture

So after looking at “Ark” by Manabu Ikeda from the last post, we had a firm idea in our heads as to what we were going for with the architecture of the planet.

Turns out Alistair had this great book called “Masters of Deception: Escher, Dali, and the Artists of Optical Illusion” by Al SeckelDouglas R. Hofstadter.

It had cool images of impossible architecture which lets us to looking at M.C. Escher. We were greatly influenced by his work and swayed towards doing some impossible architecture as well as it being so compact.

I took one of Escher’s sketches and added colour, changing some of the detail including a light river, a castle and mountains in the background. However, this related more to the nature of the world before we started discussing the new plan.

“Convex and Concave” by M.C. Escher


My own interpretation of M.C. Escher’s work. Created with watercolour

This was what we imagined the world to look like before we came up with idea of the impossible architecture, which we all agreed was more interesting and made the world original.

“Relativity” by M.C. Escher

This is the sketch that we decided we would use a solid inspiration to create the impossible architecture background. In the animatic we wanted it to be a close up on one part of the architecture so this is perfect.

Also since Alistair had previously studied architecture he was straight up designated as the person to create something like this. We came to the conclusion that Rose would create the mural, I would do character design for the Outsider and Caitlin would then finish everything off by putting all the scenes together.


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