Seven Sins Planet Development

The planet itself, we had eventually decided that it is a huge crystal that has been deteriorating  and ruined throughout time by the population of the planet that are now all in groups identified by sin. In the first part of the mural, the evolvement of the planet is what we want to demonstrate. We think it’s a good starting point and shows the basics of the planet before going into any detail about the characters.

Since we have previously used the cartoon ‘Steven’s Universe’ we knew that it had a good image to show how we imagined the crystal planet to look like in the process of deteriorating.

The world after aliens colonised it in Steven’s Universe.

We also each sketched a cross section of the planet to show what it looked like, partly from the inside as well as the outside.

Crystal planet cross section.

So part of the crystal planet is cloudy and other parts transparent so that light can shine straight through and reflect multicoloured light beams. The purest crystal is in the centre and the globes for the sin cities are scattered across the outside of the planet.

We all had the idea that the crystal would by like a cloudy quartz crystal like the image below.

Quartz crystal was a big influence of the formation for the planet

Whilst discussing this idea we loved the idea of having crazy, compact architecture for the outsiders to live in. This was highly inspired by an architectural art piece from Manabu Ikeda called “Ark”.


Compact architecture by Manabu Ikeda



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