Animatic – Catching Up

So when given the task to create a 30 second long animatic, we realised that we needed a bit more world design to make this possible. We talked about how we needed to think about the landscapes and scenery more instead of just how light was transported around the world. Basically “Light World” got a makeover and is now “seven Sins World”.

We wanted to base the world more around the Sins rather than the light they were consuming.

As a group we decided that for the scenery in the worlds that it would be organic but depending on which sin city it was, this would determine how developed each would be. E.g. Sloth would be underdeveloped and Pride may be overdeveloped.

For the animatic we came up with the idea of an Outsider standing looking at a mural of how the world and creatures developed, then him being scared of a light drip and jumping out of the scene; simple yet still a lot of detail on the world and characters.

We had an idea and we were more than happy to develop it as we went along exploring the nature of the planet a little further.


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