Final Six

*All photographs were taken on my iPhone 6S camera, which is 12 megapixels*


I chose this as my best for tonality because the contrast in the dark brown/black compared to the green is a significant difference, somewhat so, that you can still tell what the photo is and the contrast still stands out when the saturation is reduced to zero.



This was my favourite out of all my texture photos because there was a lot of detail in this photograph. It also has a slight hint of depth of field which really makes the foreground pop. The green in the background also helps contribute to this! But overall this tree trunk has some really nice texture to it so the best way to capture this, for me, was to get a close up snap.



I found scale the hardest to photograph, but this is my best because you can really tell the size difference since I included a person in the photograph. He looks so small standing beside the tree compared to his surroundings.



I guess this photograph could be used for depth of field or even tonality. However, i loved the close up view type photographs so when I took this I thought that it was a a different way of view. It looks down onto the rest of the plant from one section of it, even if only one part is in focus.


Depth of Field

Depth was easiest to do whilst being very close to an object – due to my phone camera. This one I loved because after i cropped it in slightly from the right, it emphasised the length of the object in the foreground, making it appear longer as well as having an out of focus background.



I think colour was my favourite to photograph. I LOVE colour. In most of my shots I tried to contrast colours against each other or against tonal shades. This had to be my favourite because of the contrast in the light green and purple. Since purple contrasts with yellow, I thought this would work well because this green colour is very close to yellow. Also another close up shot worked well to show definition.



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