Temperature in Tonality

We got the task of adding temperature to our tonal work on the landscapes and characters of our light world. To make sure I was on the right page, I thought it would be best to look at it somewhat more in-depth. I watched a few YouTube videos of different artists giving their explanation/opinion of colour, value and light. I only then realised how broad and complicated the rules of colour are! But I carried on watching these for a while and began to get my head around the basics of shadows – although, I did come to a conclusion that trying to create the shadow shape is based on structure but also self-knowledge of how light works around objects and surfaces.

I read a bit through the book Art Fundamentals, however it explained more about colour rather than warm and cool tones between white and black. It also explained where to place shadows which helped a lot. I now recognise how light can bounce back off a surface a lighten the shadows that have been created; which I found thought-provoking as it was something I never really thought about before.

So after reading and watching videos, I redesigned a couple of scenes for Pride and The Outsiders which I had already created. Before I had only used white, black and three mid tones without using any warm and cool shades. To create these I used white black and each three shades of warm grey and cool grey. As a team we decided to use the Windsor and Newton Brushmarkers to keep the tones similar, if not the same.

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The drawing of Pride standing tall was inspired by a sketch that my team mate Rose had created two weeks back when we had to design the last four character concepts.

You can view the other 2 team members blogs here to see what they have been sketching alongside my own work

Charlotte Bryans

Glenn O’Neill


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