Light World Landscapes

As a team we decided it would be best if we had each character’s landscape looking similar but with different features to match the sin that they perceived, e.g. the landscape will look different but in a similar style of drawing. We wanted to keep the style of drawing simple, like our characters.

After talking about it we decided that the light source that lights up each city but also the light that the characters consume will come from a fountain. The light will be in liquid form thus meaning it can travel through a fountain and it will be easier to consume. Each character has its own way of consuming the light in relation to their sin.

As there are double the amount of characters as there are team members so we split the characters evenly and each designed how we perceived the city to look.

I had to design the landscapes for the Outsiders and Pride characters, whilst adding tone using white, black and 3 mid shades of grey.

I imagined that since the Outsiders lived, ironically, inside the world, they would be surrounded by dirt and derelict stone bridges but also able to see the light funnel as the light comes in the top of the world. So far I have drawn a few smaller thumbnails and 2 large.

For Pride I imagined that the city would resemble Pride in the aspect of the buildings standing tall and the fountain was like a sacred place to go to consume the light.

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The images above are practice with tonal in characters and landscapes for their cities. I understand that tone looks good in landscapes when there is a back ground, mid ground and fore ground. These should be getting lighter towards the light or darker away from the light. However, if there is no visible light source in the frame, I find it slightly harder to apply this rule. I also struggle a little whenever there is a part which is slowly edging towards the light as this would be increasingly getting lighter. Continuing to practice with this method I hope to improve my skills before moving on to work with the colour temperature.

For ideas on landscapes I used scenes from RWBY. The main one for Pride called, “End of Beacon”

End of Beacon
Strawberry Fields Forever

and Steven’s Universe. The main landscape for the Outsiders, “Strawberry Fields Forever”

You can also view my teams blogs at;


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