New Team, New World, New Friends

After spending a week working with Charlotte, Glenn and Rose, we are finally starting to see the ‘Light World’ coming together. At the start of the week we still had to come up with 4 characters, so straight away that was our main priority. Out of seven the four that had not been finalised were; sloth, pride, greed and envy, as the previous team had a cool idea of referencing the seven deadly sins to create characters.

Together we discussed how we would like the characters to look and what their personalities would be. We talked about how their characteristics would be different to give them a sense of individuality, nevertheless, still making sure that we all had the same mindset on the style we wanted to draw in. Since there was 4 in our group we decided that after discussing art style, it would be efficient to each take a character and produce a design based on everyones perception of how thus character should appear.

We agreed that sloth should be slow, tired – obviously – and also that nothing had been developed in their world due to utter laziness and lack of motivation. Glenn created an intricate design for this character. Charlotte took on envy. We imagined Envy to be the tallest character with sharp edges who was overpowered with jealousy. As for Greed, Rose produced some outstanding designs. Greed was to be short, with long arms and a round torso and she nailed it. They will be, of course, greedy and spontaneous.

You can view my team’s blogs here:




As for Pride, as a group we used the character design I came up with. Pride was to be of average height with a large crystal headpiece. I wanted to keep the design simple so I included a ribcage for a torso and the bendy leg design that was to be used for all the characters – for similarity in style. As these characters have been previously burnt by the sun, I decided that it would make him more distinctive and recognisable among the other characters if his skin was a floor length cape. After a little research, and common knowledge really, I knew that wearing a cape symbolises power and importance, which is the personality that we had desired for Pride.

I looked at some of Tim Burton’s character design for inspiration.

Pride design with some tone

I had originally drawn the torso of Pride in a triangle shape but eventually changed it to a circle to enhance the legs to make the design more readable.

Close up of the legs with detail before redesign of the torso

And we officially had our line-up of character silouhettes to show scale and height beside one another.

Characters ranging from 4 to 9 heads tall




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